“The purpose of Agile People is to accelerate the worldwide agile transformation through spreading the values of customer collaboration, energized people, learning organization, inspiring leadership and rapid change to all areas of businesses and organizations.”

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State of Agile-HR 2018 survey

We are researching the dynamics that are creating the need for agility in HR/people functions in organisations.

Please share your stories of experiences you’ve had in organizations that illustrate why agility in HR is important. These can be examples of where things are going wrong because HR is not agile, or the difference it makes when they are agile. We will later publish the results in a report and during dedicated sessions at the Agile People Sweden conference.

It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete the process. Please feel free to contribute more than one story (the more the merrier!).
Thank you in advance for sharing your stories with us.

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Our Mission

We are convinced that more human workplaces contribute to happier, performing people and that TEAL (from Reinventing organizations) is the future organizational form that we need to work towards.
Agile People exist to foster debate and discussion around how we can strive to transform our companies to become platforms with room for passion, purpose, and freedom.

We do this by providing network meetings and conferences that support the above purpose, which are driven by people who passionately believe that there is a better way to perform work.

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