The Story

The name Agile People was born at a GreenBullet company conference in Smögen, Sweden in August 2012. The purpose was to create a brand that could symbolize and stand for the new world of work, agile management and networked businesses instead of the hierarchic traditional top-down controlled organizations. The logo was created shortly thereafter and we planned and performed our first conference in Stockholm in 2013. Since then a number of network meetings, meetups and conferences have been kicked off, all of them with the purpose of creating better organizations.

We believe in cross-functional initiatives that blend competencies and experiences. IT, HR and management need to work together to solve business challenges, using everybody’s strengths and avoid silo-thinking.

We believe that people should be able to be authentic and themselves at work, not having to put on a mask when parking their car at the company parking lot.

We believe that there is a better way to motivate and engage. Instead of seeing engagement as a yearly exercise that is rolled out to employees via a 100-question survey, we think that motivation will happen by itself if employees are given the right prerequisites in the form of competence, inspiration, freedom and trust.

We believe that agile management is about leaving micromanagement behind and coaching the team to reach team and company goals, unleashing every team members potential and creativity.

We believe that the role of HR is not to police and control managers and employees, but instead coaching people to greater performance and providing the tools to support organizational flexibility and agility.

We believe that learning organizations are more profitable and more resilient to competition than organizations that never experiment or use trial and error.

We believe.