In the book, our own Pia-Maria Thoren outlines how managers, human resources professionals, company decision-makers, and employees can adopt the flexible, fluid, customer-focused mindset of modern tech companies to inspire their workers and strengthen their organizations. This essential handbook explains both the theories and practical applications behind the Agile framework, showing how companies can do the following:

  • Create a structure and culture for an organization to meet future challenges
  • Give management and HR the changed mindset and the tools to facilitate employee drive and performance
  • Empower employees to become motivated stakeholders
  • Adopt hiring practices that value attitude, behavior, and competence
  • Create a passionate, loyal, and accomplished workforce

No matter the size of a company, it can benefit from an Agile mindset and launch into a future filled with successful leadership and motivated employees

Corporate cultures, global mindsets, and employee priorities are changing, which means management and human resources departments must also evolve. To ensure teams are well crafted, motivated, and successful, managers and HR professionals must step outside their comfort zone and adapt to younger, newer ways of thinking–they must become Agile.

Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria Thorén

Co-Founder of the Agile People & Management Consultant

The author, Pia-Maria Thoren is the Inspiration Director at GreenBullet, an Agile consulting company in Stockholm, and is the founder of Agile People, in 2013. She specializes in Agile HR, Agile Leadership, and Motivation. As a people-management consultant for some of Sweden’s largest international companies, she is a devoted change agent with an enterprise perspective who works to create organizations where people perform better, feel engaged, deliver customer value, and have fun – all at the same time.